Yes on 4: It’s a Yes Brainer! Ballot Initiative: Hawaii Preschool

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Campaign Spot

This is a child's brain at four-years old.

A child's brain that goes to preschool is getting smarter, sharper and better prepared for K-12.

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Ninety percent of brain development happens before age 5, which is why early education is so critical in a child's development. Hawaii has around 17,000 young children that do not attend preschool before entering kindergarten and it also is the only state in the nation that consituationally prohibits the use of public funds for private education. The Yes on 4 campaign attempted to make a change to the constitution to allow the state to contract with its ample network of licensed, quality non-profit preschools in order to close the early education gap. This spot focused on the benefits of preschool and used light-hearted animation to stand out from the slew of negative political commercials airing as election day neared.