Measure AA: Digital Ballot Measure: SF Bay Restoration

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Our home. Our heart. Our Bay.

Measure AA will protect the Bay so it will be clean and healthy for future generations.

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San Francisco, CA
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In June 2016, the nine counties in the San Francisco Bay Area were asked to vote on Measure AA, an initiative that would impose a flat tax of $12 per parcel per year throughout the region for marsh restoration and improved public access along the bay’s shoreline. With a two-thirds majority required to pass, Measure AA had solid support in the weeks leading up to the election, and the campaign's earned and paid media strategies were focused on simply highlighting what people love about the Bay, with positive local energy to encourage people to vote Yes. The measure passed with a resounding 69.4%, and is expected to raise $500 million over 20 years to fund restoration projects.

In addition to a television campaign, HGCreative produced a :15s and :30s text-forward digital spot to showcase the benefits of the measure and capturing attention online where viewers may not be using audio.