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With years of experience campaigning in nearly every state and a track record of successful races at all levels, HGCreative is set up to do campaigns the way they need to be done these days—reaching voters through every channel. Lots of products have their proprietary secrets: special sauce, secret recipes, advanced technologies. Here’s ours: we tell unique stories about the cause or candidates in every aspect of a campaign, with messages that are faithful to the research, yet remarkable enough to cut through the clutter. 


Whether it’s a gubernatorial race or a short-film project for a non-profit, we bring powerful, original creativity, and fresh energy. HGCreative has built a complete creative team to edit film and video, produce cutting edge video graphics, develop compelling print and logo design, and get projects done on time and on budget. Over the years, we have had great success using local crews and equipment, and have developed a wide range of relationships within the film production community nationwide.

Message Development

Our strategic message development expertise has helped organizations large and small hone their messaging and optimize their brand. Developing the messages, backing them up with authoritative research, training the messengers in delivery—all tools in our bag of tricks to achieve policy victories and business success. We deliver made-to-order campaign communications through multiple vehicles: television, radio, print, mail, phone, text, web, media plans, coffee cup sleeves…it goes on and on.

Digital Media: “Four Screens” Strategies

Voters use an average of 14.7 information sources to make their election-day decisions—using multiple devices throughout the day (Google/Shopper Sciences, 2011). Advertisers depend on the concept of the “Four Screens”—TV, computer, tablet and mobile device. More and more, people are using all four of these screens, often at the same time. The messaging and communications pathways we create—from web content, both written and video, to speeches and op-eds, blog posts and twitter #hashtags—help campaigns change minds or change behaviors. Your message needs to be integrated across all those pathways.


Getting everyone pulling his or her oar in the same direction and at the same time can be a challenge. We provide message and media training sessions for employees, organizational partners, campaign staff and surrogates and help people learn new skills or sharpen existing ones. Trainings are substantive but fun, so the learning is anchored by memorable experiences. We’ve delivered message workshops throughout the country for candidates and activists and executives at all levels for Planned Parenthood, The Horace Hagedorn Foundation, The Nature Conservancy and others. Check out one of our media trainings below:



Crisis Management

It is expected that the unexpected will happen on a campaign. That comes with the territory. Hamburger Gibson Creative brings a unique set of crisis communications experiences that provide guidance, stability and strategy in emergency situations.