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HGCreative helps make history in Salt Lake City mayor’s race

Election Day 2015 is in the books, and we're proud to share a couple of exciting wins!

First, we were pleased to be a part of Jackie Biskupski’s historic upset win as Mayor of Salt Lake City. Jackie is the first openly gay Mayor of SLC, and ran on a platform of economic development and education. We were happy to partner with consultant Dave Owen, and work closely with Campaign Manager Lindsay Barenz.

Finally, we were really happy to see a decisive 60-40 election night showing for I-122, Honest Elections Seattle.  This measure creates a strong system of public financing for campaigns in the City of Seattle, and could be a model for other campaign finance reform efforts elsewhere. It was a tough battle, made tougher by the longest disclaimer requirements we’ve ever seen: Written and spoken disclaimers including the top five donors. It took almost 6 seconds out of our messaging. But we got it done. You can see some of our broadcast and digital spots here. And we couldn’t have done it without our fellow teammates Celinda Lake and Anna Greenberg, Moxie Media and Lisa MacLean, and great campaign management from Heather Weiner.

Watch for more great things from HGCreative in 2016!