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Hamburger Gibson Creative delivers innovative message campaigns for candidates, causes, and institutions seeking to create meaningful change. Our television work, digital engagement, message development, and media training  reach targeted audiences in an integrated “four screens” world.

Martin Hamburger, Partner

Martin Hamburger

Martin Hamburger is that rare entity in politics, and life in general: a proud New Jerseyan. Beyond that, he’s a clear-eyed strategist, forceful creative voice, and disciplined campaigner with wide-ranging political and message development experience.

Kelly Grace Gibson, Partner

Kelly Grace Gibson

Kelly's engineering background and past work on the line in a steel fittings factory give her an eye for the authentic and an ability to highlight details that reveal a candidate’s true character to voters.

Sarah McCreary, Vice President

Sarah McCreary

What do Rob Reiner, Kobe Bryant and Smokey Bear have in common? Sarah has helped all of them be more effective, powerful communicators, in one way or another.

Kevin Walling, Vice President

Kevin Walling

A campaign operative by training, Kevin has advanced progressive policies on Capitol Hill, in state legislatures and the local level for over a decade. He brings a wealth of experience building targeted, comprehensive digital engagement campaigns to Hamburger Gibson Creative and HGC Digital.

Hamburger Gibson has built a complete creative team to edit and produce cutting edge video, graphics, compelling print and logo design, to get winning projects done on time and on budget.